SEPEA Candida Albicans IgA/IgG Screen Test with free results consultation

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An accurate laboratory test that examines antibodies to Candida Albicans with the following free consultation of the results. 20 minutes online or phone review with a food intolerance specialist, Dagmar Rakovická Čanigová.

In this type of testing, the blood sample is analyzed by precise laboratory Elisa technology. It is an accurate laboratory determination of the level of IgA, IgG antibodies from blood serum by a professional laboratory technician.


Candida albicans is a yeast-like fungus that is normally present in the body in small, harmless amounts. Under certain conditions, the overgrowth of this fungus can occur anywhere in the body, but most often in the digestive tract, in the excretory system and/or in the vagina. Overgrowth of Candida albicans is called candidiasis. The fungus grows best in warm, dark conditions and in the presence of sugar. Under these circumstances, Candida albicans transforms from small dormant spores into a branching structure called mycelium with the ability to spread and irritate tissues.


The most frequently observed symptoms are:

Severe bloating and flatulence
Rectal itching
Continuous fatigue
Depression and mood swings
Bad memory
Muscle or joint pain
Headaches and migraines
Oral or vaginal herpes; bladder infammation
Pain in the mouth and a white coating on the tongue
Cracking of the skin in the corners of the mouth
Fungal nail infections and athlete's foot
Red inflamed rashes on the skin, in areas that sweat
General feeling of discomfort
Sweet tooth
Alcohol intolerance
Sensitivity to foods that contain yeasts and molds
Sensitivity to wet weather


Due to the wide range of symptoms, it is not always obvious that candida albicans overgrowth is the problem, so the only way to know is to get tested.

Available tests:

Blood tests are available that measure IgG and IgA antibodies. The advantage of these tests is that a blood sample is taken with only one fingertip capillary, and the results indicate whether the infection occurred in the past, is chronic or current. IgG antibodies indicate current or past candidiasis infection. IgA antibodies can also indicate mucosal infections.

A special SEPEA collection kit will be delivered to you by post. You take the sample according to the attached instructions and send it in the original packaging to the given address. You will receive the test result within 30 days from the day of delivery of the collected sample.

How does it work

1. After purchase we will send you the SEPEA blood collection kit

2. Collect a few drops of blood from your finger in the comfort of your home. See video tutorial HERE (or visit our collection point)

3. Send the collected sample free of charge to us

4. We will send you the results report by email within 30 days

5. Book a free consultation of results

Unless you have the courage to collect a blood sample yourself, you can call 0918621847 to book a professional blood sample collection at our collection points.

More details on blood sample handling please find HERE.

WARNING! The product is a subscription set with the provision of a service. The sample is processed in the laboratory. For the processing, it is necessary to sign the informed consent to the processing of personal data for the time necessary for the relevant test execution, as well as the consumer's consent to the provision of the sample testing service. By expressing this consent, the consumer loses the right to withdraw from the contract after the service has been provided. The informed consent is included in the package. The supplier does not recommend retesting earlier than 12 months after the introduction of the diet. The reason is that your body can react more slowly to changes in diet.