Instructions for use of the sampling set.

Text instructions

A special SEPEA collection kit will be delivered to you immediately by post. The sampling set contains everything necessary to take a small sample of blood from a finger, which is necessary for testing. Fill out the order form, which is inside the collection kit (request form). please do not forget to include your email address and telephone contact. Please fill in the data legibly, in block letters.

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The package includes two disposable lancets. Remove the thin plastic part of the lancet by twisting it and pulling it out.

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Remove the microtube from the transport tube and open it.

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We recommend that you drink about a quarter of a liter of fluids before taking it. If your hands are cold, massage the belly of your finger under hot water. Choose the third or fourth finger for collection. Disinfect the collection site with a disinfecting swab.

Important!! After disinfection, wait until the collection site is dry. Press the lancet against the belly of the finger as shown in the photo. A used lancet cannot be reused.

This injection is almost painless and will allow you to carry out the necessary collection. If for any reason you cannot carry out self-collection, you can use professional collection at our collection point for an additional fee. If you decide to do so, close the test tubes and order a professional collection at phone number +421 918 621 847

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Squeeze a few drops of blood from the tip of your finger into the prepared microtube. It is not necessary to fill it up to the marked edge. A few drops are enough to determine the level of antibodies (see photo).

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After taking the sample, cover the injection site with the patch that you found in the package.

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Close the microtube tightly and label it with the name. Place it back in the large transport tube.

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Put the test tube together with the application form and the signed informed consent for sample processing back into the original transport package, cover with adhesive tape. Write the address of the sender on the plastic envelope that was included in the package. Place the shipping container in this envelope and send by first class post to the address on the envelope (please do not use courier).

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You will receive the test result within 3 days (FoodDetective), 14 days (Sepea Elisa Screen) or 30 days (Test Candida Albicans) from the day of delivery of the collected sample.