I. General principles

  1. Since blood is a biological material, for the proper functioning of the tests that we evaluate, it is necessary to adhere to this directive governing the conditions for handling blood.

  2. It is necessary to realise that to perform our tests it is sufficient to take a small amount of blood, the so-called "a few drops" (hereinafter referred to as "blood sample").

  3. It is necessary that the collected blood sample comes directly from the tested person and that it be sent for testing without delay in accordance with this directive.

  4. To handle the blood sample and send it to the testing laboratory, use exclusively medical materials supplied by SEPEA, s.r.o., HEVIX spol s r.o.

II. Blood manipulation

  1. Blood, as a biological material, undergoes rapid changes due to the influence of time and physical factors. To minimise them, please observe the following deadlines for sending it, depending on the expected outside temperature:


Outside temperature

Day 1

Day 3

Day 7

Day 14

2-8 °C





up to 23 °C



up to 37 °C


up to 45 °C


  1. The seller is not responsible/does not guarantee the correctness of the test results, unless the blood sample was properly stored or the temperature parameters listed in the table were not observed. At the same time, we guarantee a professional control of each received sample to the laboratory. If the sample shows reduced quality or otherwise does not meet the standards, we will send the customer a replacement sampling set free of charge after telephone agreement, or a professional at our sampling location will help with the sampling.

III. Sending blood

  1. The collected blood sample intended for testing is sent in the transport container (tube) delivered in the test kit, subject to the time specified in Art. II. point. 1.

  2. The transport tube must be carefully closed with the attached cap.

  3. The transport tube can be stored directly in the plastic or paper transport box in which the test kit was delivered to the buyer. We recommend filling the area around the transport tube in such a way as to prevent free movement of the tube inside the plastic or paper transport box (e.g. through documents that are sent together with the blood sample or other soft materials).

  4. To deliver the blood sample, please use this form to order a free pick-up by courier, if this does not suit you, you can use the Slovak Post (do not send us the samples by a courier paid for by you or take them personally to the address in Bernolákovo). Samples can also be brought in person to our collection points, listed on our website

  5. A shipment containing a transport tube with a blood sample should be marked UN3373:
    and the shipping label "Biological substance, category B" must be written on the outer packaging in letters at least 6 mm high. The outer envelope with this marking is the content of the test kit and the Buyer is obliged to use it when sending the blood sample.

  6. Postal items whose content or arrangement may endanger the life or health of people or damage the environment are excluded from delivery by Slovak Post. The Buyer is responsible for the contents of the shipment and its packaging. HEVIX spol s r.o. does not assume any responsibility for any breach of obligations related to sending a blood sample.

  7. Pursuant to the Act on Postal Services, the sender is liable for any damage caused by the concealment of a parcel excluded from delivery.

  8. The sender is also responsible for compliance with other legal regulations regarding biological materials.

  9. This directive is valid and effective from 1 January 2015.