Ing. Janka Trebulová

"Currently, she provides nutritional counseling and diet planning for weight loss and various diseases..."


She graduated from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra in the field of Scientific Human Nutrition. She worked at Nestlé S.A. (baby food) and in the pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories Slovakia s.r.o. (enteral nutrition).

Currently, she provides nutritional counseling and diet planning for weight loss, various diseases (diabetes, oncological diseases, rheumatism and others) and food intolerances. He cooperates with Nutri s.r.o. (diet programs Nutri Food Plan) and externally with Interklinik Vital as a nutrition consultant, where she previously worked on an expert grant of the EU project on lifestyle change: "Study on the impact of systemic treatment with or without lifestyle and lifestyle modification on comorbidities in patients with moderate a severe to severe form of psoriasis." He also gives lectures on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, training for nutritionists and contributes articles and advice to various magazines.

In the past, she collaborated with the magazine Lekárnik, Hair & Beauty, with the website Only for Health and with Radosť variť - Skola vrenia v Polus, where she conducted cooking courses under the names "Healthy Lightning" and "Yummies for the Little Ones".

Address: Hviezdna 2, Bratislava – Podunajské Biskupice
Phone: +421 905 910 469