FoodDetective™ Food Intolerance Test with free results consultation

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59 foods intolerance test with the following free consultation of the results. 20 minutes online or phone review with a food intolerance specialist, Dagmar Rakovická Čanigová.

Laboratory test of food intolerance. Evaluated by the original FoodDetective laboratory chemical kit supplied by the British company Cambridge Nutritional Sciences (Omega Diagnostics)

SEPEA food intolerance tests, free consultation of results

Before it was self-diagnostic. Today it is tested in the laboratory using the SEPEA home collection kit.

The sensitivity of the test is reliable, but the test is only indicative. The degree of intolerance to individual foods is determined only visually, not with a laboratory densitometer.

Detects intolerance to 59 foods (but some are in groups)

The list of tested foods for this test can be found HERE.

How does it work?

1. After purchase we will send you the SEPEA blood collection kit

2. Collect a few drops of blood from your finger in the comfort of your home. See video tutorial HERE (or visit our collection point)

3. Send the collected sample free of charge to us

4. We will send you the results report by email within 14 days

5. Book a free consultation of results

Unless you have the courage to collect a blood sample yourself, you can call 0918621847 to book a professional blood sample collection at our collection points.

Information about tested foods and general dietary instructions are not meant to replace professional medical care, but they can increase the quality of your life.

More details on blood sample handling please find HERE.

WARNING! The product is a blood collection set. When blood sample is returned to us, it will be tested in the laboratory. For the processing, it is necessary to sign the informed consent to the processing of personal data for the time necessary for the relevant test execution, as well as the consumer's consent to the sample testing. By expressing this consent, the consumer loses the right to withdraw from the contract after the service has been provided. The informed consent is included in the package. The supplier does not recommend retesting earlier than 12 months after the introduction of the diet. The reason is that your body can react more slowly to changes in diet.




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    Skvelá doprava

    Posted by Janka on 28.03.2024

    Test mi prišiel veľmi rýchlo a odber som zvádla bez problémov! Ďakujem

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    Rýchle dodanie a Rýchle vyhodnotenie výsledkov konzultácia online

    Posted by Stanislava on 04.07.2022

  • 5

    Posted by Katarìna Rakovská on 16.06.2022

    Najlepší štart pri riešení problémov. Rýchly, jednoduchý a konkrétny. Po prestudovani vysledku presne vieme ako budeme pokracovat . Odporúčam všetkým ktorý uz vyskúšali vsetko a su stale na začiatku ale aj tym co chcu riesit a nevedia ako začať. K